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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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our big story tonight, a powerful storm system already hitting the bay area. but the worst part will hit in the next couple of hours. thanks for joining us at 11. i'm j. r. stone. >> taking a live look at storm tracker 4 right now with a look at how those things look. as we speak. get ready for the los of rain. high -- lots of rain and high winds and flooding. we have team coverage tonight. let's first go to chief meteorologist britney ship. >> we're starting to see it pick up in intensify. let's get you straight to the radar. we'll show you some of the heaviest rain. this is still the atmospheric river event. so it's already in place and it's being triggered by another area of low pressure that's approaching. and what we get is a lot of
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rainfall and a lot of snowfall for parts of san francisco near bayview. we are seeing heavier downpours. and that will continue for the rest of the tonight. widen out the picture. show you right over oakland. all seeing those heavier rainfalls coming down. we have a batch of moisture off of the coast and that's going to bring us heavier rain. 11:47. for san francisco. most of the area under flash flood watch. the brief flow expected. flash flooding especially near rivers. our major concerns are going to be the burn scars. wind advisory in effect. we expect wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we already have reports of down trees onto power lines. future rainfall totals show us as we go into tonight. all day tomorrow, we'll pick up another 2 and half inches in san francisco. possibly three and half inches in santa rosa and up to another
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5-inches in big sir and some of our coastal hills. when you can expect the heavy rain. we'll turn it over to lawyer reasons carno. >> pretty impressive storm system. the ground is already saturated now. and now you've got all of the subtropical moisture. really taking aim at bay area tonight. you can see that line in the jet stream. in our direction. that is going to bring some heavy rainfall tonight. the thing is, it's going to continue for quite some time. so it's going to keep coming. and only going to get heavier. here's the latest on our future cast. you can see band of moisture. notice how it's shaped per pen kick cue already. the train move on shore. but we're not going to see the caboose in 3-maybe 3:00 in the afternoon. that heavy rain don'ting to fall around the bay area. maybe taking more of a normally focus as we head into early tomorrow morning and shifting across the rest of the bay area. you can see the wide s.w.a.t of
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rain coming by. and by then the damage electric done. the flash flooding likely to see. o flooding around -- along the major rivers. it's going to be a very wet night, a very windy night indeed. we'll very many on your weather coming up in a few minutes. continuing our team coverage on storm, we go to the north bay. where kron 4 spencer blake explains how floods there have done major damage in past years. you're looking at some of the video showing that flooding back in 2005. you see that directly behind me. how are the conditions looking this evening? >> reporter: right now, this moment, the rain is still kind of right in, but it is harder, even than it was at 10:30. the rain is coming down than it was at 10:30. i'm on first street here in napa. this is one of the areas that's seen many, many floodings including those back in 2005.
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but flood control things things will be different. >> these flood gates were finished in 2015 and they'll be closed for the first time sunday morning. napa county flood managers say the get as will not only protect drivers but they can also keep rising water in. but, he says, unlike the huge flood in 2005, the water probably won't rise enough to reach the gates anyway. but that's not stopping workers at river point napa valley from picking up these wine country cottages and moving them away from the resort by the river. saturday afternoon, they took 35 buildings to higher ground. the resort has flooded before, but napa river pet hospital across the street s not taking drastic measures. >> the water has gotten pretty close in the past. but if napa did their job right t should work. >> in their one year in the building the animal hospital has hadn't any flooding. >> that back door in the
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laundry room and backyard area. >> tomorrow we'll have somebody coming in and checking the place and then in the afternoon. >> the butcher shop has at least three layers of protection. first, the flood gates themselves. >> here all of the way in front of our building. all of the way over to model. but what they do, is they put basically metal roads that will hold the wooden boards up. >> and if necessary, they'll stuff sandbags behind the retaining wall too. they're facing their toughest test in more than a decade. >> and be advised, thinks that up stream, it will definitely flood. it will definitely flood up there based on what's happened in the past. he doesn't think, however, that this time, that the downtown area will have more than puddled areas. so hopefully it'll be a lot better than 2005. >> thank you. and stay dry out there.
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in the east bay, we're already seeing trees falling into highways. shutting down freeways and in one case, a woman killed after a tree fell on top of her. at canyon's lake's golf course. live for us tonight. in the east bay with details on what happened there. but first of all, i guess the firefighters are treating you right. because earlier, i saw rain coming down but you appeared to be around this overhead because you appeared to be dry. >> reporter: you know all my secrets. yes, they have been housing me here, fortunately for the past couple of hours so i have been able to stay dry. but you can see behind me, there is rain that's pouring consistently. other than that we have seen earlier today. now the concern really is for both pedestrians and drivers for potential hazards. we have already seen happen in the east by a earlier today. bay early year today. crews sawed off brawn muchs one -- branches one by one for about two hours to clear this oakland freeway saturday. strong winds knocked down a
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tree into southbound lanes. neighbors say it's not the first time it's happened and are concerned if cal tran is regularly expected to check trees. >> heir going to come down at some point. i feel sorry for the some residents. it is a safety issue. >> in separate incident, another tree fell in san ramo network p. valley district respond percent got the call just before 11 in the morning. >> we would typically get trees that come down, but not where they trap someone or kill someone. so this is kind of, again, a freak accident that ended in a tragedy. >> the tree pinned a woman between 50 and 60 years old by the seventh hole. she's taken to the hospital with critical injuries where he later died. >> this wasn't a typical tree you would look up and think, this is going to be bad. a relatively small tree. what we tell people, look up,
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look down, look around. as high as 45 miles per hour. heavy rain, late saturday into sunday morning. unfortunately accidents do happen p but whatever measures you are able to take, please make sure to do so for now. live in danville, and lso, kron 4 news. we are continuing to track the powerful storm. this is the live look outside. it looks wet. we will show you where the rain is. after the break.
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here's a live look. we're starting to see heavy rain. this is just the beginning of the heavy rain. that's going to move through. >> maybe 10-12 hours. maybe even thunderstorms embedded. >> my umbrella is up stairs ready to go. >> hope you stay dry.
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thank you so much for joining. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
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- good morning, thanks for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news, on this president's day. i'm mark dannon. - came in this morning and we saw some tweets from the oakland fire department that they're working a two alarm fire at a middle school, so we sent will tran and jolie estevez to check that out. - my camera woman and i just arrived in oakland where there was an over night fire at clairmont middle school, so we got a live shot. in about six minutes from now, let me go track down the battalion chief.


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